Skin care inspired hair-care products

Cosmetic companies have invested large amounts in research to develop a wide range of high quality skincare products to repair and hide the blemishes in the skin, to make the skin look perfect. For many years, there were only a few improvements in the quality of hair-care products available on the market. However in the last few years, the research for improving the skincare products is being used to develop better hair care products, which can improve the quality of the hair. Some of the skin care inspired hair care products like shampoos, face washes, combs which are now available for sale online are described below.

Virtue recovery shampoo:

Just like skincare products use ceramides and other ingredients which are found in the skin, the shampoo uses keratin similar to that found in the hair, to make the hair strands, smooth, resurfacing them, preventing moisture loss which make the age dry, filling any cracks in them. This makes the hair supple, shiny and smooth. Visit the Google Shopping Results

Triple detox shampoo from Living proof:

This shampoo contains charcoal to remove excess oil, witch hazel for balancing moisture, cleaning the hair, scalp and more. Visit the Google Shopping Results

Kevin Murphy’s Maxiwash detox shampoo:

Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is used extensively in skincare products, and the Maxiwash shampoo also uses AHA to exfoliate the scalp, removing fatty acids from the hair and dead cells.

Jade crystal comb from White lotus:

Jade rollers are used for skincare, and the jade scalp comb has been developed as the hair care alternative. Using it will stimulate the acupressure points in the scalp and promote well being.

Briogeo scalp revival:

Briogeo scalp revival is the equivalent of the face serum, containing charcoal and tea tree oil. The charcoal removes the dirt from the scalp, and oil reduces itching.

Reverie cake restorative scalp tonic:

Reverie cake restorative scalp tonic contains rosewater and rose oil. It is recommended for a dry and itchy scalp, to reduce irritation. It can be massaged on the scalp to improve blood circulation

Cold processed scalp detox from Act+Acre is the hair-care equivalent of a face mask. The serum should be applied for at least twenty minutes so that the dirt on the scalp is dissolved and nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and minerals are absorbed. Since the detox is cold pressed, it contains more nutrients for healthy hair.

Rejuvenating oil from Philip B:

The oil should be applied to the dry patches in the hair or applied overnight. It contains Jojoba oil which improves the hair strength, and makes the hair lustrous

These are only a few of the many new innovative hair care products which are developed for those who want better hair, the user can choose the right product based on the hair problem faced.